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From Concept to Creation: Unveiling the Dinocorn™ Plushie Journey

We’ve stepped into the whimsical realm of plushies, ready to join us?? Creativity and a sprinkle of enchantment came together to craft something truly magical in Mura the Dinocorn™, but guess what? The journey of bringing a Dinocorn™ plushie to life mirrors the intriguing process of government contracting, and we're about to spill the plushie beans on how these two worlds align!

Conceptualization & Market Research:

The Process of Dinocorn™ Magic

In March 2023, our journey began with a dash of imagination and a splash of celebration. We dreamt of blending personal victories, creativity, and sheer joy into a vibrant package – Mura the Dinocorn™ plushie. Much like the initial stages of any great idea we started with some inspiration around us. Over the years, we have collected unicorn and dinosaur items but nothing really captured the full Dinocorn™ essence. So, a decision was made..we must create our own. As many of us know the contracting process starts with identification of need and then followed by market research. Could we buy something that resembled our vision? No, it just wasn’t there nor was there anyone captured the magic within. So, we changed our search to vendor partnerships, and gathered feedback to shape our vision.

We consulted with friends, colleagues, and family on the idea. The next thing we knew, a design was created that was simple, adorable, and also inspiring. Once we determined that this was our path forward, we sought out manufacturers that could develop the vision and collected multiple quotes. After reviewing pricing, customer service, and the manufacturing process experience we decided on one vendor to help us make our vision a reality.

Initial Concept for Mura the Dinocorn™

Design and Development:

Once we nailed down our vendor partner, the design refinement frenzy began! Think about this as the phase where you would ask for feedback on a statement of work or statement of objectives during the contracting process. We sketched, prototyped, and meticulously crafted every detail, from her sparkling eyes to the perfect plushie texture. Once we settled on a look, we patiently waited for our first prototype. The days seemed longer and the anticipation grew. Finally the first prototype arrived in mid April and it was off to the races to test it and provide feedback. We traveled with the first prototype to numerous events and had adults, children, and fur babies test our plushie. We collected feedback and made revisions to the design and structure. After another two virtual iteration reviews, it was time for the second prototype. Once again we patiently waited by the mail box hoping that the next iteration would be the final one. And alas! The second prototype arrive in early May and she was perfect!

Versions 1-3 of Mura the Dinocorn™

Manufacturing and Quality Assurance:

Our team went through three prototype phases, tweaking and tuning until Mura was an embodiment of our dreams. With the design being finished and the final deposit sent, it was time to turn our sketches into reality. Just as government contracts undergo stringent quality checks, we ensured that Mura met our lofty standards. Working closely with skilled plushie artisans, we transformed our design into tangible, huggable delight. Every stitch was a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Distribution and Delivery:

Ah, the anticipation of getting the final product to its rightful owners! Manufacturing began in late June after everything was finalized. We started planning for distribution, marketing, and logistics so that when the time came, we were ready on day one! As the contracting cycle moved towards the delivery phase, we eagerly sent out Mura to her new homes. Each Dinocorn™ carries with her a celebration of individual accomplishments and a promise of endless adventures.

Feedback Loop:

But wait, there's more! Remember those post-contract evaluations? Our plushie journey has its own version. We've set up a special landing page ( for everyone to share their Mura experiences. We're thrilled to hear the tales of joy and wonder that Mura brings to each corner she reaches.


The parallels between the plushie process and contracting cycle are insightful! Just like government contracting, our plushie creation involved identifying needs, sourcing materials, ensuring quality, and reaching out to clients – you! Even the feedback loop, akin to post-contract evaluations, helps us shape future projects and products for your satisfaction.

With innovation, focus, and a sprinkle of playfulness, we've uncovered fascinating parallels between these two processes. Can you spot any crossovers in your own experiences?

We'd love to hear your thoughts!

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